40 Spectacular Neck Tattoo Designs


Getting a tattoo requires a lot of thinking and makes you consider a lot of factors. Even though it is considered one form of art and most of the results really do look awesome, not all people agree with it. For those people who despise seeing a tattoo on their own or someone else’s skin, you might want to worry on a particular group—the employers.

Some employers blatantly discriminate applicants with an obvious tattoo on their body. This maybe the very reason why most people with tattoo place theirs on parts which they can hide when it is needed, to make sure that they get and keep a decent job.

Having a neck tattoo clearly disregards this concern. Tattoo inked on this part cannot easily be hidden and almost all the time visible even from afar.

For those lucky individuals who do not have a problem with their boss being too judgmental, then a neck tattoo is one best for them. A lot of design to choose from with the highest chance of being noticed by the public.

To give you some encouragement, here are the 40 Spectacular Neck Tattoo Designs.

401. Bats Neck Tattoo

Bats Neck Tattoo
Image Credit: Cuded