40 Mesmerizing Side Boob Tattoo Designs


Recently, internet became so obsessed with photos of women celebrities or anyone that shows a sneak peek of their boobs viewed on the side. What’s not there to love about side boob snapshots? This angle showcases not only a teaser of a woman’s prized possession, it also flaunts the curves that only women can rock.

Now, imagine this amazing angle and view with an awesome tattoo inked on the side ribs? Now that’s a killer combo.

They say women are the first ones to have side boob tattoos because first and foremost, the term is only applicable to them. The art itself compliments the goods and vice versa. Most of tattooed designs on these parts of a woman’s body are geometric patterns, birds, and vines.

Some women prefer to place their prints on the lower part of the boob’s side, which is also an interesting spot for tattoos. Nevertheless, you can also do it on the whole side of your body as long as it looks good on you!

Below are the 40 Mesmerizing Side Boob Tattoo Designs to get inspired by!

401. Half Mandala Side Boob Tattoo

Half Mandala Side Boob Tattoo
Image Credit: Pinterest