40 Inspiring Gay Pride Tattoo Designs


For most of the tattoo enthusiasts out there, their tattoos have deeper meanings and connections to their lives and identities. Whatever they ink into their skin connotes a part of their life stories, may it be historical or inspirational.? That being said, our brothers and sisters whom consider themselves part of the 3rd sex, has a lot to say to the world. For the struggling LGBT community, tattoos are like a strong weapon to voice out their cause, of what they are fighting for.

The LGBT community is represented by vibrant colors and ecstatic atmosphere. Because of these, a lot of tattoo designs can be use to symbolize their identities and causes. Also, there are symbols and color groups that are globally accepted to represent the community. These symbols can be personalized and spiced up to create unique tattoo designs that will surely captivate the viewing public.

Here are the 40 Inspiring Gay Pride Tattoo Designs:

401. Dots Wrist Tattoo

Dots Wrist Tattoo
Image Credit: Tumblr