40 Gorgeous Palm Tree Tattoo Designs


If you ever been to a tropical country or living in one, you’ll probably notice that the lands are dominated with just one plant tree group, the palm trees.

Palm trees are basically the symbol for tropical countries and beaches and life itself. The best beaches in the world become more amazing with the presence of palm trees on its shores. Most of the seascape paintings always feature a palm tree together with the seas. Palm trees provide the greens in a sea of white and blue. On the other hand, Almost all parts of a palm tree are being used by humans for better living. Lumber, oil, food, and alcohol are just some of the by-products of a palm tree. Truly, it is “the” tree of life.

Now, I think its about time for “the” tree of life to take its stage in the tattoo world. Enjoy the amazing palm tree tattoo samples listed below.

Here are the 40 Gorgeous Palm Tree Tattoo Designs that will definitely take you breath away!

401. Twin Palm Tree Heel Tattoo

Image Credit: Pinterest