40 Beautiful Cat Tattoos


Cats, like dogs, are for the most part domesticated and found wherever humans are. In fact, they are also known as man’s best bud.

In the tattoo world, cat is one of the most desired prints of pet owners. Aside from its fancy looks, it also offers a lot of symbolism and representations.

The cat carries countless connotations gyrating around the balance amongst the opposites, such as inner and outer, action and rest, light and dark. It’s intensely emblematic of the connection with what usually hides in darkness. The cat generally represents:

  • Persistence
  • Liberation
  • Spirit of venture
  • Deep, relaxed connection with self
  • Healing
  • Curiosity
  • Adventures
  • Journey
  • Inquisitiveness

Take a look at these 40 Beautiful Cat Tattoos and get inspired by!

401. Cat Wrist Tattoo

Cat Wrist Tattoo