40 Awesome Star Wars Tattoo Designs


Aside from my favorite epic movie series, The Lord of the Rings, there is no other movie franchise out there (yet) that sparks and drives nerds into geek mode other than Star Wars.

The story line of Star Wars was so advanced during its 1st release that it created a phenomenon. Millions of fans all over the world became obsessed with all of Star Wars.

More than its most famous characters, the technology and transport vehicles that were introduced in its movies became icons and pop arts that transcend generations.

The entirety of Star Wars is a “pot of gold” for tattoo artists and patrons. All of its iconic characters and elements are all in-demand subjects for a tat, may it be for men or women. Sketches and full colored designs can be applied to any star wars-themed tattoo and it will always comes out awesome. This is possible since all subjects are literally, out of this world.

Take a look at these 40 Awesome Star Wars Tattoo Designs, and be amazed!

421. Millennium Falcon Thigh Tattoo

Death Star Thigh Tattoo
Image Credit: Spiritus Tattoo