40 Astounding Cubism Tattoos


Hey fellas! In my previous entries, I have mentioned the new trends in the tattoo industry; the Watercolor Tattoos, Cosmic Tattoos and Geometric Tattoos. In this post, I am going to present another sensation print nowadays – the Cubism Tattoos.

Cubist, or cubism, is mode of expression in the language of art.It was one of the most influential visual art styles of the early twentieth century. It was a truly revolutionary style of modern art developed by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braques.

In layman’s point of view, Cubism is a technique wherein a subject is being artistically distorted using overlapping geometric forms or cubes. Given that the image has been dissected, it is still discernable.

Below are the 40 Astounding Cubism Tattoos to get inspired by!

1. Woman Arm Tattoo

Woman Arm Tattoo
Source: This Is Colossal

2. Concrete Jungle Back Tattoo

Concrete Jungle Back Tattoo
Source: This Is Colossal

3. Linked Arm Tattoo

Linked Arm Tattoo
Source: This Is Colossal

4. Illusion Arm Tattoo

Illusion Arm Tattoo
Source: Scene360

5. Faces Body Tattoo

Faces Body Tattoo
Source: TattooIdeas247

6. Bar Scene Arm To Chest Tattoo

Bar Scene Arm To Chest Tattoo
Source: Tattooed Vagabond

7. Visage Arm Tattoo

Visage Arm Tattoo
Source: Tattrx

8. Bear Back Tattoo

Bear Back Tattoo
Source: RattaTattoo

9. Cat’s Reflection Arm Tattoo

Cat's Reflection Arm Tattoo
Source: RattaTattoo

10. Sea Of Hair Arm To Back Tattoo

Sea Of Hair Arm To Back Tattoo
Source: Sliptalk

11. Balance Chest Tattoo

Balance Chest Tattoo
Source: Sliptalk

12. Cubist Fox Tattoo

Cubist Fox Tattoo
Source: Pino Bros Ink

13. Tiger Arm Tattoo

Tiger Arm Tattoo
Source: Tumblr

14. Playing Piano Arm Tattoo

Playing Piano Arm Tattoo
Source: This Is Colossal

15. Village Sleeve Tattoo

Village Sleeve Tattoo
Source: This Is Colossal

16. Fierce Blue tiger Arm Tattoo

Fierce Blue Tiger Arm Tattoo
Source: Tattoo Filter

17. Elephant Head Back Tattoo

Elephant Head Back Tattoo
Source: Trend Hunter

18. Eyes Arm Tattoo

Eyes Arm Tattoo
Source: Trend Hunter

19. Couple Legs Tattoo

Couple Legs Tattoo
Source: Design Taxi

20. Words And Graphics Arm Tattoo

Words And Graphics Arm Tattoo
Source: Buzzfeed

21. Bird Arm Tattoo

Bird Arm Tattoo
Source: Buzzfeed

22. Lady Leg Tattoo

Lady Leg Tattoo
Source: Loud Meyell

23. Lovely Cubist Bird Shoulder Tattoo

Lovely Cubist Bird Shoulder Tattoo
Source: Pinterest

24. Nerd Owl Arm Tattoo

Nerd Owl Arm Tattoo
Source: Tattoo Easily

25. Angel Back Tattoo

Angel Back Tattoo
Source: The Vandalist

26. Gorilla Sleeve Tattoo

Gorilla Sleeve Tattoo
Source: Peter Aurisch

27. Rabbit Thigh Tattoo

Rabbit Thigh Tattoo
Source: Tumblr

28. Anchor Arm Tattoo

Anchor Arm Tattoo
Source: Artnau

29. Collided Arm Tattoo

Collided Arm Tattoo
Source: Cuded

30. Musicians Back Tattoo

Musicians Back Tattoo
Source: My Modern Met

31. Books Leg Tattoo

Books Leg Tattoo
Source: Mashable

32. Beating Heart Thigh Tattoo

Beating Heart Thigh Tattoo
Source: Tattoos Ideas Central

33. Red Elephant Arm Tattoo

Red Elephant Arm Tattoo
Source: Third Monk

34. Booze Leg Tattoo

Booze Leg Tattoo
Source: UFunk

35. Lion Upper Chest Tattoo

Lion Upper Chest Tattoo
Source: Francesco Mugnai

36. Crystal Cubes Arm Tattoo

Crystal Cubes Arm Tattoo
Source: Tattoo Me

37. Snake Leg Tattoo

Snake Leg Tattoo
Source: Art Nau

38. Giraffe Arm Tattoo

Giraffe Arm Tattoo
Source: Art Nau

39. Doll Heart Arm Tattoo

Doll Heart Arm Tattoo
Source: Pinterest

40. Lonely Back Tattoo

Lonely Man Back Tattoo
Source: Tattoodo