38 Flower Thigh Tattoos


The thigh part is one of the best place to have a tattoo. The area can easily be hidden and if needed to be flaunted, one can just wear shorts.

In this article, we feature selected few flower thigh tattoos that you guys might be interested with. Techniques applied vary from dotted to watercolor splashes. There were also other subjects such skulls and birds that were associated into the art expanding the selection and uniqueness.

Let your heart melt with warmth of the flowers we offer to all of you. Make use of that empty space on your thighs and have a perpetual reminder that you are special

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Take a look at these 38 Flower Thigh Tattoos for everyone! You may also check the 30 Splendid Floral Bouquet Tattoo Designs collection for further design inspiration!

38Plain Peony Thigh Tattoo

Roses Thigh Tattoo

Image Credit: Pinterest