38 Fashionably Elegant Band Tattoo Designs


This post is all about band tattoos which include arm, leg, neck, and/or any part of the body that can be wrapped with a tat.

These tattoo styles peaked its popularity over a decade ago and is slowly coming back to the tattoo scene recently. Band tattoos are usually tribal in nature however, as time passes by, more and more designs are added into the collection. These types of tattoos also have its own symbolism depending on the design chosen. Some designs serve as memoirs of lost loved ones, a particular design symbolizes Jesus Christ and slavery, and there are others that celebrate individuality and pride of sexes.  Some designs are also unique to men and women like crawling vines and flowers for women and barb-wires for men.

Band tattoos are easy to hide and very stylistic to own. Definitely a must have of tattoo enthusiasts who wants artistic tattoos but are keen to the space it covers. As long as people appreciates the art, band tattoos will always be part of the all-time favorites.

Here are the 38 Fashionably Elegant Band Tattoo Designs for everyone!

381. Triple Graded Lines Arm Band Tattoo

Triple Graded Lines Arm Band Tattoo
Image Credit: Tumblr