35 Unforgettable Chakra Tattoos


In this website, we already featured designs that are connected to ancient teachings of some of the amazing cultures of the world. This time, we will again showcase a theme that is believed to be the reason to the uniqueness of every human personalities.

Chakras are concepts thought by early Hinduism which define the centers of spiritual power in the human body. According to literature, there are 7 chakra points that run along the body from the head down to the posterior part. Each chakra point corresponds to a specific human characteristic and ability. Accordingly, these chakra points are good tattoo subjects both independently or as a whole. Most of the chakra tattoos run along the spine since it is thought that it is where they are located while other chakra tattoos are placed on favorite body parts such as arms and legs. Chakra tattoos can either be the mandala representations of the points or just their Sanskrit symbols which are preferred by individuals who wants to go small.

Chakras are all about balance, healing, and knowledge. Having this tattoo not only gives you a worth-it remembrance but also the relaxation you deserve as you face the harsh realities of the world everyday.

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Here are the 35 Unforgettable Chakra Tattoos! Also, kindly take a look at our 30 Intricate Mandala Sleeve Tattoos collection.

35Colorful Chakras Spine Tattoo

Colorful Chakras Spine Tattoo

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