35 Succulent Food Tattoo Designs


Food had always been one of the favorite subjects for art since man learned to paint pictures on cave walls. It has always been an inspiration and an admiration to most of artists since the very thought of it entices the minds of the audience which is the main objective of art in the first place.

Just like the history of art and food, tattoo designs had also welcomed food subjects ever since it came to existence. From a simple apple up to still life masterpieces, a lot of food were already inked on skin for enthusiasts who has fixation to something delicious. Not sure of their reason though, could be that the food they tattooed on their arm was one dish they tasted and could never get enough of for the rest of their lives. Perhaps, they just want the viewing public to drool everytime they see a realistically drawn roasted turkey on skin.

Food, the ultimate source of energy for all living things. Make no mistake, even on permanent inks, these gifts from nature will surely captivate your imagination making you crave for it and go crazy for a bite.

Below are the 35 Succulent Food Tattoo Designs for inspiration!

35Corn Forearm Tattoo

Corn Forearm Tattoo

Image Credit: Tattoodo