35 Solid Black Tattoo Designs


If one becomes a tattoo addict and already had all the tattoo he/she wants, what do you think will this person get in order to satisfy the insatiable urges? Well, if I myself turns into that, I’ll probably just cover the chosen body part with a black, solid black ink.

Aside from freeing oneself from having the headaches of choosing a design, solid black ink tattoos are statement makers. There are chosen designs that were inked into some people which where clad in black, so strong that the design shines from the absence of white. Yet, solid black tattoos did not became famous from tat designs done with it but to skins that were covered with it like black bands or skin-tight black shirts, this time perpetual. Just a portion of a body part or almost the entire body itself, having a solid black tat sends a message to everyone that when it comes to loyalty to tattoos, you mean business.

Enjoy the samples that we carefully selected for you guys not to be overwhelmed by the beauty of black. Black is beautiful it really is, and too much of it? No less than awesome.

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35Solid Black Half Sleeve Tattoo

Solid Black Half Sleeve Tattoo

Image Credit: Pinterest