35 Small Geometric Tattoos


Geometric shapes are some of the best and widely famous tattoo designs in the world. Aside from its intriguing appearance, geometric designs are too simple to be readily accepted by the interested public.

At this point, we try to search the internet for geometric designs that were intentionally done in minute sizes. I know we wouldn’t have any challenges in collecting samples for this since there are a lot of tattoo enthusiasts that prefers minimalism and geometric designs out there so shortlisting the selected few who loves both is a piece of cake.

Tiny and small geometric designs are paraded here. Some illustrates an animal, while others inked what we call glyphs. There are also small single and grouped polygons that were strategically placed in one’s skin to create more impact to the viewing public. Enjoy guys!

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Here are the 35 Small Geometric Tattoos collection that will definitely make you want to have one! You might want to check our 32 Subtle Tattoo Ideas for further design inspiration!

35Polygons on Fingers Tattoo

Polygons on Fingers Tattoo

Image Credit: Etsy