35 Seductive Hip Tattoos For Women


We can’t deny it but women have always been the symbol of beauty, grace, and sexiness. Almost every part of their body once flaunted correctly becomes a weapon of seduction. No wonder why women have more options where to put on their tattoo compared to men. This advantage allowed tattoo artists to try out every possible area where they can ink on their masterpieces into a women’s skin ultimately making women more confident of expressing their individuality.

Women’s hips are no doubt a spot men can’t resist to stare. It is already very sexy in its own right, especially when exposed through wearing plunging shorts or a bikini. Now, the charm of this body part doesn’t end there. Somehow, putting a beautiful tattoo on this area intensifies more its captivating power that preys on poor, weak men.

Though a bit painful when inked because the needle gets to near the hip bone, the result is undeniably worth it all the time. A lot of designs can be put into women’s hips. As the art moves along its natural curves, the more complex and sexier it gets. Examples of hip tattoos are flying birds, roses, 3D animated characters, and much more.

Below are the 35 Seductive Hip Tattoos For Women:

351. Octopus Hip Tattoo

Octopus Hip Tattoo
Image Credit: Fabulous Design