35 Majestic Tiger Tattoo Designs


There are but a few tattoo designs out there that instill fear and shows pure strength in all forms and one of which are the tiger tattoos. Tiger tattoos are like screaming tattoos of power and dominance much like the real life of tigers in the wild.

Covered with the one of the most beautiful natural fur patterns, having a tiger as a tattoo with no additional elements is an art by itself. Most of tattoo samples that we’ve seen for this subject usually showcase the fearsome head of a tiger showing its fangs and piercing eyes. There are also tiger tat designs that captures a tiger in action. Since the fur of a tiger has its own stripe patterns, monochromatic designs are no less than the full colored versions.

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It is no question that tigers are magnificent creations of the almighty. This is also the reason why tiger tattoos, no matter how scary the designs are, they always end up so awesome which makes them one of the most sought for anywhere in the world.

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35Blue Eyed Tiger Forearm Tattoo

Blue Eyed Tiger Forearm Tattoo

Image Credit: Crowned Kings