35 Intricate Dotwork Animal Tattoo Designs


Have you heard of George Suerat? If you’re an art major, then probably yes. This guy is famous for his rather unusual and tiring form of visual art which is called Pointillism. This form of art entails great deal of consistency and patience since one need to form a masterpiece just by connecting millions of dots together.

Although Suerat’s masterpieces are over the top, dotwork in tattoo business is also becoming a favored choice.  Some tattoo masters already apply pointillism to their designs that makes it unique and amazing to look at. We had gathered a number of samples in this post for you guys to enjoy. This post however only showcases dotwork tattoos for animal designs.

Since animals can be inked in small sizes and still look good, pointillism may not be a bad idea for a technique for you to own a tattoo. Again, depending on your craving for one, you can have the best and the largest dotwork animal tattoo out there—just don’t lose your patience waiting for it to finish.

Here are the 35 Intricate Dotwork Animal Tattoo Designs for everyone:

351. Dotwork Deer Forearm Tattoo

Dotwork Deer Forearm Tattoo

Image Credit: Instagram