35 Incredible Map Tattoo Designs


They say that before you die, you must travel into a place far from home at least once. Travelling to dream vacation spots is most people’s life-long dream. Some may have the means to experience it more than once, while others are left just dreaming of getting there.

Longing and missing for the places they love is not a problem with tattoo enthusiasts. Aside from collecting postcards and searching from the internet, these guys ink the maps of the places they want into their skin.

The meaning of having a tattoo map usually falls into just 3 reasons. First, is that people tattooed the places which they already visited and still can’t get enough of the experience. Seeing the map of the place brings back memories and the happiness it brought. Second reason for people with map tattoos is for inspiration and looking forward to the day they can visit the place marked on their skins. The tattoo will be a reminder for them to do whatever it takes to make sure that they can visit such place. The third and final reason is for directions. Usually for sailors during the earlier times, they ink the maps or constellations in their arms to guide them home when they are at sea.

Here are the 35 Incredible Map Tattoo Designs to get you inspired by!

351. Geometric Map Leg Tattoo

Geometric Map Leg Tattoo
Image Credit: Instagram