35 Impressive Samoan Tattoo Designs


The art of tattooing always had a very common origin or history wherever you are in the world. For people who patronize the inks, they always say that the art itself has an ancient tribal root or is part of the culture of the earliest human tribes.

Interestingly, aside from the established historical connection, the word “tattoo” itself can actually be traced to a particular group of people living in the Samoan islands. When the European conquerors mistakenly heard the native word “tatau” to “tattoo”, it started the revolution of the art.

Patterned from the traditional tribal designs, modern Samoan inspired tattoos are very distinguishable from the other tattoo options. The usual Samoan tattoo showcases a series of geometrical shapes and lines with repeating shading patterns.

Here are the 35 Impressive Samoan Tattoo Designs to get inspired by!

351. Samoan Elephant Hip Tattoo

Samoan Elephant Hip Tattoo
Image Credit: FMag