35 Geometric Elephant Tattoos


Elephants are considered to be the largest among the land animals yet also one of the most gentle. Because of this combined characteristics, elephants became quite a thespian to some of the memorable movies of all time.

To ride along with the fame of the gentle giants, this article focuses on tattoos with geometric designs having the elephant as the chosen subject. The unique physique of an elephant creates good angles for geometric designs and awesome tattoos. Some of the tattoos we’ve seen are the cutest ones, inked by minimalists and the conservatives. There are also geometric elephant designs with splashes of watercolors for added beauty. Lastly, we included samples of intricate elephant tattoos studded with geometric lines and curves.

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The combination of geometry and elephant is a great way to come up with the best tattoo for you. You may consider the design because of the symbolism connected to elephants, but in the end, it is just good art.

Here are the 35 Geometric Elephant Tattoos to get you inspired by!

35Warm Colored Elephant Forearm Tattoo

Warm Colored Elephant Forearm Tattoo

Image Credit: ThisIsTattoo