35 Creative Puppet Tattoo Designs


Have you been to a puppet show once in your life? If yes, was it sock puppets or the stringed ones? Whichever of the two, isn’t it amazing how the artists bring to life such dolls with accuracy and wit? Actually for me, the more you’re concentrated to the act, the terrifying it becomes because I have this feeling that at that point, you’ll find yourself believing that they are really alive.

There are many names to this art show and collectibles such as mimics, marionettes and pawns. This one form of visual presentation entices the audiences by offering story lines inspired by true or fictional stories played by dolls wherein actions are totally controlled by a puppeteer. Although the art is truly one of a kind and not an easy one, nowadays, the word “puppet” also connotes to a more political and pitiful act of manipulation and control.

With that in mind, some tattoo artists and enthusiasts felt like that some point in their lives they were manipulated by someone or something which made them miserable or perhaps lucky. This is the main driving force of them getting creative puppet tattoos of different sorts. For them, having a puppet tattoo reminds them that being manipulated and controlled impacted how they view life and how they’re living it. Whatever the reason, these tattoos still looks great on skins though, try checking them out.

Below are the 35 Creative Puppet Tattoo Designs:

35Sketchy Puppeteer Thigh Tattoo

Sketchy Puppeteer Thigh Tattoo

Image Credit: Tattoodo