35 Adorable And Cuddly Panda Tattoo Designs


Pandas are undeniably the most adorable animal in the world. Have you seen a panda cub just rolling on the ground and no one cares? It is the cutest thing ever.

Giant pandas are considered symbols of peace and the love for nature. One panda even landed as the iconic logo for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) which aims to protect animals all over the world. As a symbol for animal protection, panda population is also one of the considered as “threatened” and sadly most of them as of the moment can only be seen in shelters. Collaborative efforts are already being implemented in order to restore the number of pandas to a safe level for them to thrive again in the wilds.

Recently, one panda also made into the silver screen and kicked blockbuster records because of its awesomeness. Very ironic though, pandas which are considered timid and adorable in real life become a kung-fu master in movies which saves the entire world. However, the concept really is a hit not just for the kids but also for the kids at heart.

Both the cute and the fierce side of pandas are great subjects for tattoo as well. Since basically the fur colors of pandas are just black and white like yin and yang, having it a tattoo doesn’t really require colors but more on the application of different techniques. Nonetheless, what I can say is that, as irresistible pandas are, panda-inspired tattoos are equally as amazing and adorable, too.

Here are the 35 Adorable And Cuddly Panda Tattoo Designs that will definitely fill your heart with joy!

351. Poly Panda Calf Tattoo

Poly Panda Calf Tattoo

Image Credit: Bored Panda