34 Remarkable Knee Tattoo Designs


Most of the times, tattoos are placed on smooth parts of the body like arms, belly, or thighs. For average tattoo artists, this is the main requirement to make sure that there are no challenges on the surface of the “canvass” thereby assuring good outputs.

As the business gets very cramped up with repeating designs applied to the same areas, having a new dish on the plate really gets the attention of everyone. One example of being deviant are those artists who specializes in tattoos inked on their customer’s knees. This is unusual considering that the skin of the knees always get folded and has a rough surface. However, with new techniques and better tools, rendering knee tattoos today is a piece of cake. Knees have circular ridges which could be advantageous to some strong designs that could last long due to the thickness of skin where more ink could penetrate.

Tattoo maintenance may need a little more effort compared to the other areas but having the best knee tattoos completes your ultimate leg piece for sure. Knee tattoos may be intimidating for some but that is the plan since knee tattoos have always been designed to be bad-ass!

Here are the 34 Remarkable Knee Tattoo Designs.

34Jaws Knee Tattoo

Jaws Knee Tattoo

Image Credit: Tumblr