33 Watercolor Lotus Tattoo Designs


This post features another collection of the best tattoo technique existing in the world right now, the watercolor. Every time I stumble upon a bunch of tattoos with a particular subject inked in watercolor style, I cannot help myself but share the excitement to all of you guys.

This time, I would love to show you a collection of lotus tattoos done in watercolor technique. The lotus flower itself may be fully colored or just simple “lineworks” splashed with watercolor. The best thing about watercolor technique is the unlimited possibilities of color combinations which tattoo artists can apply to the tattoo. The color combinations provide us the wide selection of unique lotus tattoos inked on different parts of the body.

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Enjoy the 33 Watercolor Lotus Tattoo Designs below and appreciate the beauty of the lotus flower itself and the complexity of the watercolor component.

31Watercolor Lotus Tattoo

Purple and Blue Lotus Foot Tattoo

Image Credit: Pinterest