33 Star Tattoo Designs


What I like about Captain America is not about his eternal handsome face but how he unexplainably swings, throws, and rolls his indestructible star shield. Now, that is what you call a true human skill.

Because of this fascination to get myself one of that star-designed shield and the need to for me to post something in this website, I decided to hit two heavenly bodies at the same time and searched the internet for the best star-inspired tattoos out there. The subject itself is pretty easy to execute and there are a lot of variance of it that tattoo artists can employ to their masterpieces. The tattoo may have just one star rendered monochromatically, colored, or in awesome abstract. There are also tattoos that feature part of the night sky with a couple of stars twinkling for the public’s eyes.

So, for you guys out there who are still drooling over Cap’s shield, since Vibranium is just a fictional metal, the best thing you guys can have is a replica of the shield inked into your shoulders. Don’t worry, a star tattoo can make you famous just as much as wearing a red and blue costume clad in stars.

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Below are the 33 Star Tattoo Designs, have fun and be inspired!

33Triple Star Wrist Tattoo

Triple Star Wrist Tattoo

Image Credit: Sortrature