32 Subtle Tattoos Ideas


Most people nowadays, especially teenagers, prefer subtle yet eye-catching tattoos, because for them, tattoos don’t always have to be loud. You just have to carefully choose the right location for that small print in your body, whether you wanted it to be seen or not.

Below are the designs that are perfectly subtle yet enthralling which you might get  interested to.

1.Balance and Rhythm Tattoo

The four triangles actually represent Air, Water, Fire and Earth, the four needed ingredients to achieve “Balance”.

Balance And Rhythm Tattoo
Image Credit: Tattrx

2. Palm Tree Tattoo

If you consider yourself as a beach bummer, then this miniature palm tree tattoo fits you.

Palm Tree Tattoo
Image Credit: ChaCha

3. Beach Waves Tattoo

Do you find relaxation in the splash of the waves? If so, then this adorable waves tattoo perfectly suits you.

Beach Waves Tattoo
Image Credit: Blogging Around

4. Constellation Tattoo

This print has noticeable lightness in it which makes the design captivating in spite of its simplicity.

Constellation Tattoo
Image Credit: Design Bump

5. Moon Cycle Tattoo

This tattoo flawlessly shows the moon cycle. The design is adorably straightforward.

Moon Cycle Tattoo
Image Credit: Drama Fever

6. Fancy Dots Tattoo

If you’re planning to get inked in an imperceptible spot with an obscure design, then this tattoo might interests you.

Fancy Dots Tattoo
Image Credit: Design Bump

7. Feather Tattoo

Are you looking for a location and design in which you can flaunt and hide the print at the same time? Then you should consider this feather tattoo at the back of your ear! Its lovely and sneaky!

Feather Tattoo
Image Credit: We Heart It

8. Arrow Tattoo

A fancy arrow going up, pointing to the right direction! This print at the back of the nape is a vague representation of going forward. The design isn’t complicated, however its a metaphor of moving to whatever is best for you!

Arrow Tattoo
Image Credit: Tattoo Ideas

9. Geometric Shapes Tattoo

Mostly, geometric shapes are religious and spiritual significance representations. If you want to express your ideals and beliefs thru prints, then you should consider having geometric designs.

Geometric Shapes Tattoo

Image Credit: Tumblr

10. Ribbon Tattoo

This print is perfect for you and your best friend, because ribbon tattoos represent the gift of friendship!

Ribbon Tattoo
Image Credit: Drama Fever

11. Diamond Tattoo

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!” If you believe so, then this tattoo is perfect for you!

Diamond Tattoo
Image Credit: Drama Fever

12. Birds and Feather Tattoo

This eye-catching feather tattoo is ideal for girls who want to conceal their deep collarbones!

Birds And Feather Tattoo
Image Credit: Little Tattoos

13. Hanging Flags Back Tattoo

Imagine flaunting your sexy back with this chic tattoo? Definitely, a lovely view! This hanging flags design is plain yet pleasant to the eyes!

Hanging Flags Back Tattoo
Image Credit: Style Caster

14. Bundle Of Arrows Tattoo

There are so many arrow print designs that will captivate your heart. However, what does an arrow print signifies? A single arrow is a symbol of courage. Meanwhile, a bundle of arrows typically designates strength. So are you planning of having arrow tattoos? All arrows point to YES!

Bundle Of Arrows Tattoo

Image Credit: We Heart It

15. Vase And Flowers Tattoo

This vase with flowers tattoo is a lovely print on the exact spot! I couldn’t imagine having this tattoo on the other parts!

Vase And Flowers Tattoo
Image Credit: Pairodice Tattoos

16. Snowflakes Tattoo

The nape is one of the desirable places wherein you can place this gorgeous snowflakes tattoo! Just like winter season, this design will always be adored!

Snowflakes Tattoo
Image Credit: Drama Fever

17. Lotus Tattoo

Lotus tattoos are some of the most favored tattoo designs out there. But what makes them interesting? Its because there are lots of meanings that can be associated with every lotus tattoo. If you’re planning to get one, make sure you do your research so you can explain to your artist what you want and why.

Lotus Tattoo
Image Credit: Best Inspired

18. Lovely Anchor Tattoo

Anchor tattoos are likely to be associated with sea. Nowadays, this design is gaining its popularity. This minimal yet lovely anchor tattoo is perfect for girls out there!

Lovely Anchor Tattoo

Image Credit: Holli Coffee

19. Mandala Tattoo

Mandalas are important symbols in all cultures. Oftentimes, it represents balance, harmony and unity. When choosing a Mandala design, always bear in mind that its essential to know what you wanted to express.

Mandala Tattoo
Image Credit:  Tattoo Designs

20. Deer Tattoo

Deer tattoo denotes love, beauty and grace. You might want to consider this print if you’re thinking of having one!

Deer Tattoo
Image Credit: Fubiz

21. Crescent Moon Tattoo

This crescent moon tattoo is undeniably beautiful. Flaunt your legs with this print! It will surely highlight your asset. Give it a try!

Crescent Moon Tattoo
Image Credit: Piccsy

22. Old Tree Tattoo

Wear this Old Tree Tattoo on your wrist in addition to your accessories!

Old Tree Tattoo
Image Credit: Tattoo Models

23. Paper Crane Tattoo

This simple but attractive Paper Crane tattoo on the nape is a must try for ladies. Aside from its beauty, it also symbolizes peace and hope.

Paper Crane Tattoo
Image Credit: Drama Fever

24. Shapes  Tattoo

With the good combination of curves and lines, and the lightness of the ink, this remarkable tattoo is quite appealing to the eyes!

Shapes Tattoo
Image Credit: Tattrx

25. Sailboat Tattoo

Do you consider yourself as a wanderer? Do you find happiness going to places? If so, then, this tattoo for travelers  fits you well!

Sailboat Tattoo
Image Credit: Pinterest

26. Spiritual Perfection Tattoo

Spiritual Perfection tattoo or best known as Om tattoo represents the four divine states of Brahman – loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity. It’s not just a charming symbol. If you plan to ink Om on your body, you need to understand and embrace all that it stands for.

Spiritual Perfection Tattoo
Image Credit: Little Tattoos

27. Stars Tattoo

Stars tattoos will never go out of style! There are lots of star print designs out there, but this 3-star tattoo is an exemplary example of a good minimal tattoo. Moreover, Harry Potter fans will understand!

Stars Tattoo
Image Credit: Buzzfeed

28. Stars And Dots Tattoo

This tattoo design is just like an accessory! You can wear it everyday with you!

Stars And Dots Tattoo
Image Credit: My Modern Met

29. Musical Note Tattoo

This musical note tattoo was perfectly inked on the right spot! For all the music lovers out there, you might want to try this design!

Musical Note Tattoo
Image Credit: Drama Fever

30. Compass Tattoo

Hear me travelers! These compass tattoos will absolutely captivate your heart! This ink design will surely reflects your passion.

Compass Tattoo
Image Credit: Etsy

31. Heartbeat Nape Tattoo

This  heartbeat nape tattoo is definitely stunning! Its plain and simple, however, it has a beautiful meaning!

Heartbeat Nape Tattoo
Image Credit: Drama Fever

32. Vibrant Feather Tattoo

Add color to your fair skin with this vibrant feather tattoo! Such an overflowing beauty held in a small print.

Vibrant Feather Tattoo
Image Credit: Pinterest

These 32 Subtle Tattoos are just inspirations. Whichever your preferred design is, what matters most is that you understand the significance of your choice.

The outcome will be more worth it once you, yourself understood its meaning.