32 Stunning Skull Tattoo Designs


Skull tattoos have a wide range of connotations and it will all hinge on the designs of it. The English word Skull is most likely derived from the Old Norse word ‘Skalli’, which meant bald, however, when we think of skull, the first thing that pops on our minds is death. Hence, skull tattoos could be used to show that the wearer has no dread of demise. Also, skull tattoos can represent an obscure persona.

There are numerous tattoo designs when it comes to skulls. The most popular are Sugar Skull Tattoos -? these are the vibrant and visually striking ones. What makes the skull tattoos interesting is that you can combine it with other imagery. Likewise, skull tattoo designs are very flexible and can be inked on almost any parts of the body.

Below are the 32 Stunning Skull Tattoo Designs for men and women!


321. Skulls And Roses Back Tattoo

Skulls And Roses Back Tattoo
Image Credit: Pretty Designs