32 Stunning Scenic Tattoo Designs


What can be more effective in a preservation of a beautiful memory than permanently inked it on your body? In this way, one just doesn’t flaunt the skin art to the public but also showcases the place where they were or wanted to be.

Since nature is the source of all colors and all its gradients, scenic tattoos are becoming popular among professional tattoo artists because of its complexity. The more complex it is, the more interesting the tattoo becomes.

Tattoos that depict scenic landscapes are often seen on people that travel a lot. The design may be copied from one of their vacation photos or a famous place located on the vicinity where they went. However, not all scenery tattoo enthusiasts are all travelers, some may also be dreamers. Their tattoos may be a place they saw in one of their vivid dreams which they can’t forget, could be real or not.

Just like scenic photos, these designs are meant for show off. Preferred body parts that are inked with these are usually in the arms and legs where it can easily be seen. Some print it on their backs especially if the scenery is a bit large and detailed.

Below are the 32 Stunning Scenic Tattoo Designs to get inspired by!

321. Temple And Sunset Arm Tattoo

Temple And Sunset Arm Tattoo
Image Credit: Tumblr