32 Striking Wrist Band Tattoo Designs


One of the most in demand tattoo styles out there is the wristband tattoos. This style may be simple however, the number of designs tattoo masters can apply to this is almost limitless.

The tattoo idea is simple, ink something permanent on the wrists to have a perpetual bracelet. During the 1st time this style got out and became famous, mostly men had it. Recently, more and more women are already hooked with this idea as well, since there are a lot of designs that are more appropriate to them rather to their opposites. Nowadays, there are hundreds of wristband tattoo designs that accentuate the sexuality of both men and women.

Most famous designs for a wristband tattoo are barbed wires, celtic symbols, and flowery wreaths. Some also encircle their wrists with words and names important to them. The truth is, whatever you can think of, it can be made into a wristband tattoo as long as you really want it.

Here are the 32 Striking Wrist Band Tattoo Designs:

321. Half Mandala Wrist Band Tattoo

Half Mandala Wrist Band Tattoo

Image Credit: Instagram