32 Inspiring Sacred Geometry Tattoos


At this point in time, there are already a lot of tattoo designs out there in the world and I mean a lot. Most of the themes we can easily identify because of its main subject or the technique employed into it. But some, there are some, that even with numerous research as to what it truly means, it is still too difficult to accept that one such theme exist in the first place.

One head-scratching example are the sacred geometric tattoos. For master tattoo artists, these are repeating geometric designs that features religious iconography of patterns found in the natural world. The truth is, that is the only thing I know about these collection. A number of these tattoos are sleeve types as expected since it needs bigger space to be fully expressed. Most of the designs were done in black and white or in gray medium while there are more impressive ones that incorporate the colors of flowers and of the cosmic universe.

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Difficult to understand but very simple to appreciate. Sacred geometric tattoos are the one of the coolest designs one enthusiast can have if they dare themselves. Find out why it is considered a vague subject from the 32 Inspiring Sacred Geometry Tattoos collected below. Enjoy everyone.


32The Sacred Geometry Back Tattoo

The Sacred Geometry Back Tattoo

Image Credit: Tattoodo