32 Incredible Giraffe Tattoos


What I love about having to choose an animal as the next subject for a tattoo showcase is that running out of options is non-existent.

In this juncture, I would like to highlight the safaris and feature a very unique animal that maybe has the highest outlook in life, literally. Giraffes were naturally selected by nature to survive one of the harshest mammal habitats in the world. With its long neck, tall vegetation that normally are safe for grazing are being utilized as their primary source of food. This animal also has a very distinctive coat that is easily recognizable even for learning toddlers. Giraffes are the main attractions both in the wild and in the zoos that is why it is no wonder that some people requests for it to be the inspiration to one of their tats. Due to its unique physique, giraffe tattoos can be easily played with different tattoo techniques like tribal, geometric, and watercolor.

Take a look at some of the best giraffe tattoos we found in the web. These tattoos not only create a good vibe towards the viewing public, it also leave a satisfied smile to its owners.

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Here are the 32 Incredible Giraffe Tattoos for everyone!

32Watercolor Giraffe Head Arm Tattoo

Watercolor Giraffe Head Arm Tattoo

Image Credit: Pinterest