32 Geometric Cat Tattoo Designs


Cats are one of the few animals in the world that directly influence the human civilization, aside from dogs and other domesticated farm animals. As a human, we are basically categorized into two groups, either you are a cat lover or for dogs.

This article is created intentionally for cat lovers out there who have the guts to try tattoos. Have you ever seen a geometric-designed tattoo? Personally, all I can say is that the people who started doing the design are geniuses. In this example, we collected geometrically designed cat tattoos simply because we cannot get over with its awesomeness. These tattoos were inked using not just geometric lines and polygons, but also with other techniques such as watercolor, dotwork, shading, and traditional coloring.

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Just like us, have fun checking out amazing geometric cat tattoos offered by different contributors around the world. If you’re already convinced in getting a feline skin tat, you may either adopt one sample below or artistically create your own unique design—no one can ever stop you my friend.

Take a look at these 32 Geometric Cat Tattoo Designs and be amazed!

32Cat Head Arm Tattoo

Cat Head Arm Tattoo

Image Credit: Pinterest