32 Geometric Bear Tattoo Designs


If you guys are familiar with constellations, most of it are animals, right? What’s cool about it is that to form the animal, stars are connected like dots to form the figure. The formed animal, though it can be made out, has this hard edges and angles that make the figure look unique.

The rough angled and edgy figures are what artists call as geometric designs. Since we already mentioned constellations, probably the most famous of which are the bears. Geometric bear designs are the subject for this post and these designs are making headlines in the world of tattoos nowadays.

Tats that have these designs are either cute or fierce, little or big. No matter how its made, geometric bears are the best choices for both men and women out there who wants uniqueness to their inks.

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Here are the 32 Geometric Bear Tattoo Designs for everyone. You might also want to take a look at our 40 Spectacular Geometric Animals Tattoo collection!

32Sketch-Style Grizzly Bear Forearm Tattoo

Sketch-Style Grizzly Bear Forearm Tattoo

Image Credit: Tattooblend