32 Beautiful Rabbit Tattoos


There are a few animals out there that symbolize a lot of things instead of just one boring and predictable adjective. Snakes for example, may symbolize immortality at the same time betrayal and intelligence. The unlikely rabbit also is one of them and you may never have any idea about it—not until now.

For starters, rabbits are associated with a trickster demon who victimizes human during ancient times. In contrast, the zodiac version of a rabbit considers itself as a protector and giver of joy. Bunnies are also considered child-friendly when it symbolizes the colorful festival of Easter. On the same page but on the other side, this active animal is also associated with lust and sex hence the famous Playboy logo.

Whatever the meaning it connotes, rabbit tattoos are one true magic for all tat enthusiasts out there. Just like pulling a rabbit from a magician’s hat, rabbit tattoos will surely astonish you all with its enchanting awesomeness.

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Here are the 32 Beautiful Rabbit Tattoos for everyone! You may also check the 34 Serpent Tattoo Designs For Men And Women collection.


32Dotwork Rabbit On The Crescent Moon Forearm Tattoo

Dotwork Rabbit On The Crescent Moon Forearm Tattoo

Image Credit: Pequenos Tatuajes