32 Adorable Monkey Tattoo Designs


They say that monkeys are one of the wisest animals out there. That is not a suprise though since we humans share the same ancestor.

Ancient civilizations also had high regards to the monkey especially the chinese. Because monkey already became part of human culture, its representation also evolved in many forms and style. In the world of visual art, monkeys are also a famous choice among the artists.

Monkey inspired tattoos are cool because of how artists play around with techniques. There are realistic, abstract, and grafitti designed monkey tattoos that we have for examples. Most of the tattoos available only showcase the monkey’s head but sometimes, some artists also illustrates monkeys in action.

Below are the 32 Adorable Monkey Tattoo Designs:

32Voodoo Monkey Forearm Tattoo

Voodoo Monkey Forearm Tattoo

Image Credit: Dubuddha