30 Watercolor Fox Tattoo Designs


In Japanese and Korean folklore, there is a certain multi-tailed fox that considered to be one of the most powerful monster or being in the world. This story has been the inspiration of many contemporary visual and media art products nowadays due to the reason that the myth fascinates many people.

On the other side of the world, foxes are considered to be common forest attraction. Its famous red and white fur makes it a distinguishable character in the forest at the same time a loner. Because of its fame and bright presence, foxes became the subject of couple art masterpieces including in the tattoo world. The beauty of its fur can only be emphasize by one technique and that is by applying watercolor finishes to the inks. Most of the watercolor fox tattoos showcase the common red and white, and black fur while some tries to be different by applying other shades.

The mystery and secret of the fox is what drives tattoo enthusiasts out there to have a memento of this animal on their skin. Foxes may be relatively quiet in real life with no one actually knows what sound they make (referring to the famous song), however, it is certain that its beauty is what led this animal into the legends.

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Take a look at these 30 Watercolor Fox Tattoo Designs for everyone! Also, we have our 35 Fascinating Fox Tattoos For Men And Women collection for further inspiration.

30Long Tailed Fox Spine Tattoo

Long Tailed Fox Spine Tattoo

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