30 Transcendent Moon Tattoo Designs


Majestic things are no less than awesome. Most of the time, these things are the symbols and subjects for art and inspiration. The moon for example, it is undeniably one of the ultimate inspirations out there that symbolizes for serenity, hope, and soul searching.

Moon designs are no strangers to the tattoo world. A couple of tattoo junkies already requested and had moon tattoos long before this article had been think of. Most of the moon tattoos out there are monochromatic and feature all of its phases. Realistic and colorful representations on the other hand showcase the full moon version with all its craters and light.

Moon tattoos are as famous as the nocturnal heavenly body itself. No matter what phase you like the most, moon tattoos will always be a tattoo that comes with outstanding output from a very simple decision.

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Here are the 30 Transcendent Moon Tattoo Designs for everyone! You may also check the 35 Stunning Sun And Moon Tattoos collection for further design inspiration!

30Artistic Crescent Moon Shoulder Tattoo

Artistic Crescent Moon Shoulder Tattoo

Image Credit: PiercingModels