30 Superb Batman Tattoo Designs


Batman. Who in the world doesn’t know who Batman is? This iconic character not only dominates the comic and animated world but also, in the past 30 years, movie producers kept on producing different takes on the dark knight and not a single film that starred by him flopped and was never a hot topic.

This character carried a lot of different franchises into their peak of success. No wonder, business entrepreneurs at some point, offers Batman-themed products on their line.

This also shows in the visual art world. From comics to skeets to movieboards, the face and moves of Batman were already drawn by countless artists out there. Tattoo artists also get a lot of requests from their customers to ink a Batman design into their skins. Some designs patterned from one of the movies with faces of the actor who portrayed the character, while some copies the animated versions. There are also tattoo designs that connote or depict Batman like its famous symbol, his batmobile, or even his bat-shaped shuriken.

Here are the 30 Superb Batman Tattoo Designs that will definitely amaze you!

301. Batman’s Eyes Arm Tattoo

Batman's Eyes Arm Tattoo
Image Credit: Tattoodo