30 Stunning Crane Tattoo Designs


Most often the not, people prefer popular tattoo designs not because it is popular but because the meanings and symbolism it represent. In this website, we already showcased a lot of themes and subjects that focus on its symbolism and a few of them are bird species.

At this time, we will again introduce one beautiful bird subject that symbolizes hope and prosperity. The crane, often mistaken to a stork or a “pokemon”, is one design most tattoo artists love to work on. This bird species is very popular among Japanese as depicted through their traditional art of origami. For them, the crane is a national treasure and a symbol of fortune, unity, and long life.

The natural beauty and exquisiteness of a crane bird makes it very easy for tattoo artists to play different styles with it while placing it into the skins of their customers. They usually prefer designs wherein the bird is flying, displaying different colors of/from its feathers. Some deliberately design crane tattoos that resemble its origami counterpart, as a sign of appreciation to the Japanese legend and culture.

Below are the 30 Stunning Crane Tattoo Designs for everyone!

301. Pretty Geometric Crane Nape Tattoo

Pretty Geometric Crane Nape Tattoo
Image Credit: Brit + Co