30 Stunning Chest Tattoos For Women


People have already seen a couple of great tattoo designs inked on different body parts. Most of the times, these awesome tats stand on their own that whenever someone looks at it, they will be amazed on the artistry and technique and sometimes forget about the essence of where it was inked in the first place.

On the other hand, there are also tattoos that its main purpose is to accentuate the body part where it is put on. For example, a splendid 3D tattoo emphasizes the broadness of a man’s upper arm. Another example would be a creeping art that is inked on a woman’s leg accentuating its length.

In relation to that, this post will showcase tattoo designs inked on an area which will make men stare at women probably in an awkward length of time—the chest part. It is already more than enough that some women, those that are very open to their sexuality, tease men with their collar bones and cleavages. Wearing a tattoo on this part not just accentuates one of the sexiest part of a women’s body, unfortunately it will also make sure that both eyes of a man will get fixed to it all night long.

Below are the 30 Stunning Chest Tattoos For Women to get inspired by!

301. Quarter Mandala Chest Tattoo

Quarter Mandala Chest Tattoo
Image Credit:? Tattoos And Tat Shop