30 Splendid Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs For Women


Equality is what the society pushes for in this generation. Long gone are the days that men overpower women in the fields of jobs, politics, and decisions. LGBT communities also strive to stress their right to equality. As society progress, the acceptance and morals of the people also changes over time.

The concept of equality can be also be seen in the tattoo business. In the past, women tattoos are small, conspicuous and most of the time hidden from the public. While on the other hand, men tattoos were typically loud and big. Nowadays, women are more bold and brave in matching their tattoo designs with men. For example, some women out there right now are very proud of their loud half sleeve tattoos which competes with the typical men versions.

As mentioned, tattoo designs that cover most of the arm region are usually seen in men. However, when you see the masterpieces of tattoo artists inked on women, every one of us will start rethinking our perception. Half sleeve tattoos for women although may have designs appropriate for them, are still loud and colorful. Usual designs are group of flowers or mandalas. Just like men, women half sleeve tattoos can also be easily hide when needed.

Below are the 30 Splendid Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs For Women for reference:

301. Peacock Flowers Half Sleeve Tattoo

Peacock Flowers Half Sleeve Tattoo
Image Credit: Hidden Hand Tattoo