30 Splendid Floral Bouquet Tattoo Designs


Aside from true love, women has a list of things they can’t resist to have especially if given by the ones they love. A number of these things are a cute teddy bear, a box of chocolates, a love letter, or a big shiny diamond ring. Interestingly, these items, if given as a surprise on a romantic night, will always have a partner that certains the best mood— a bouquet of flowers.

A collection of flowers blanketed over an appropriate special wrapper tied together by a cute ribbon is an ingenious way of creating something that produces 99.9% success rate in expressing positive feelings towards another person. This perfect combo represents art itself because even with its simplicity, the emotions it harnesses from people are complex, genuine, and beautiful.

The art that I’m talking about maybe the same thing that tattoo artists and enthusiasts see on a bouquet of flowers that made them decide to choose this subject for their tattoos. Done with realistic or sketchy colors, flower bouquet tattoos are perpetual visual treats that always all the time draw smiles in people’s faces. In that moment, that’s when we realize that this simple thing really has its magic to lighten and tickle everyone’s hearts.

Here are the 30 Splendid Floral Bouquet Tattoo Designs for inspiration!

291. Red Poppies Side Body Tattoo

Red Poppies Side Body Tattoo

Image Credit: Tumblr