30 Sophisticated Egyptian Tattoo Designs


The latest offering of the X-Men movie franchise introduces a unique story of a very familiar history, the Egyptian civilization.

The Egyptian civilization is known to be one of the earliest civilizations in the history of mankind. Since there were the firsts, they were also the first to influence the shaping of the modern world. Ancient Egypt had a lot of contribution in the realm or religion, societal organization, architecture and construction, science, and of course, art. Their history and sophistication of life were all depicted through art, in all forms.

Nowadays, modern artists never forget the contributions and beauty of ancient Egypt. Some artists pay tribute or exhibit Egyptian-inspired arts with their works, and that includes the tattoo masters. Tattoo artists can ink anything that ancient Egypt can offer. The famous faces, the famous landmarks, and the hieroglyphics, name it and for sure, it will be an awesome tat to have.

Below are the 30 Sophisticated Egyptian Tattoo Designs:

301. Isis Egyptian Armband Tattoo

Isis Egyptian Armband Tattoo
Image Credit: Pinterest