30 Mystical Moon Tattoo Designs


When you look up into the skies, you almost not to miss all the wonderful things you can see in there. In the mornings, there’s the sun and its rays, with the clouds and jet streams and birds. At night, the generous universe provides you with a glimpse of the final frontier. Millions of stars greet you wherever you look and the moon, yes, the moon which shines so bright, adds more mystery and magic to the night sky.

The moon has always been one of the famous “thing” in the world. Its shapes, its purpose, and its beauty capture both human logic and human creativity. Tattoo lovers and masters are always accommodating with moon themed designs.

May it be just like sketches or with colors just like cartoons, moon tattoos will always be a hit. Sometimes, like in bedtime stories, moon tattoos have faces which correspond to its phases (you catch my drift?). Always and forevermore, the moon will always be a symbol of hope and magic for everyone.

Here are the 30 Mystical Moon Tattoo Designs for inspiration!

301.  Moon Phases Arm Tattoo

Moon Phases Arm Tattoo
Image Credit: Etsy