30 Mighty Fly Tattoo Designs


In the insect world, there are members that are adored by many because of its natural beauty and there are a few that people get away from because of its sting or the diseases they are known to bring.

For the latter, flies are the best examples. People swat flies because they land on food and leave nasty things like poop, fly eggs, and deadly diseases. However, despite its dirty reputation, biologists cannot deny the sophistication of this animal. In fact, if we humans do not have our intellingence, flies dominate us in all scores. They have the most advanced eye, they can sense incoming danger, and they possess one of the most powerful wings in the entire animal kingdom.

If you examine a fly very very closely, you will surely be amazed of its physical characteristics. These characteristics are the reasons why tattoo artists are always happy to ink a fly unto their customer’s skins. Take a look at the amazing tattoo examples we lined up for you in this post. Fly tattoos are as amazing as the other insect tattoo inspirations out there, maybe even cooler. Check them out and appreciate how nature created such sophisticated organism into a tiny insect body.

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Below are the 30 Mighty Fly Tattoo Designs:

30Realistic Fly Forehead Tattoo

Realistic Fly Forehead Tattoo

Image Credit: Fitting Tattoo