30 Mesmerizing Nerdy Tattoo Designs


Do you like spending hours on tv locked in discovery channel? Or are you fan of the big bang theory comedy series and totally get their humor? Then probably you’re one of those people who are called “nerds” or “dorks”. Nerds have a specific set of likes in this world– the jargon, the supers, and the amazing.

From comics to games to computers to astronomy, nerds are the ultimate encyclopedia to things we usually don’t understand or pay attention to.

To pay tribute to the things they love, tattoo artists offer a wide variety of designs and themes that are surely to be loved by nerds and nerds alike. Nerd tattoos may be so simple or too intricate in the eyes of the public. one thing is for sure though, if you are not a nerd yourself, then there is a good chance you do not know what the tattoo is all about— unless you ask..

Below are the 30 Mesmerizing Nerdy Tattoo Designs that will give you better understanding of the “Nerd World”.

301. Games And Books Forearm Tattoo

Games And Books Forearm Tattoo
Image Credit: College Humor