30 Math Tattoo Designs


In the pursuit of greater knowledge regarding the world and beyond, Science tries its best to measure all things and all forces that govern it.  A fact can never be a fact if it is not measurable and govern by a scientific law. This scientific laws are always in a form of Mathematical equation therefore, Math rules the universe.

Ever since we started to love school, Math has always been there. From the moment we started counting up to the time when we are already applying Mathematical operations to letters and symbols, Math has been shaping our minds through all our institutional learning. Math is so influential that even the numbers and complex equations are now some of the best sellers for tattoo designs. Not very particular with colors and designs, as long as a number in inked on skin, it is already considered as Math-inspired tattoo.

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They say that only the geeks and the nerds opt to have Math tattoos on their skin. The truth is, even the simple minded public knows how to appreciate numbers. For them, having a simple Mathematical equation inked on their skin certainly creates satisfaction to a craving of a geeky commitment.

Below are the 30 Math Tattoo Designs for everyone. You may also check the 30 Awesome Science Related Tattoo Designs collection.

30Quadratic Formula Nape Tattoo

Quadratic Formula Nape Tattoo

Image Credit: MentalFloss