30 Magnificent Olympic Tattoo Designs


The olympic fever still burns too hot until now as the most prestigious sports event in the world is nearing its closing day. Records been shattered and historic moments were created as athletes around the world gathered in Rio to try their luck and best to win the coveted gold medals for their respective countries.

As history once again unfolds, viewers around the world want a piece of the adventure and are doing anything just to be part of it. For those who can afford, they travelled into Brazil together with the athletes to experience the actions themselves. They are hoping that for all the games they will be witnessing, they’ll be able to carry on the memories of each and be able to tell stories to their loved ones once they go home.

As for the others, having an olympic inspired tattoo is the next best thing. A tattoo that shows anything connected to olympics or Rio de Janeiro makes them feel that they are there, pouring their hearts out in supporting their countrymen competing. Most of the tattoos featured show the logo of the prestigious event while others are more specific to the events the tattoo bearers loved watching.

Below are the 30 Magnificent Olympic Tattoo Designs:

301. Olympic Rings Hip Tattoo

Olympic Rings Hip Tattoo

Image Credit: Yahoo