30 Magical Tarot Card Tattoo Designs


The power of foresight has long been one of the most longed superpowers for long time. During the medieval era, people who were recognized as seers and fortune tellers were very important individuals and most of the time had positions very near to the crown or ruler.

During the modern age, where the magic of science and technology rules over the critical minds of the populace, foresight just became an art and falling into superstition. A few still claim they have the eye that could look into the future however, only a handful remained advocates. There are a lot of techniques to foresight that were handed down thru generations and one of which is the tarot card reading. Personally, I don’t have any experience with tarot nor familiar with the characters illustrated on the cards. What I do know is that there are plenty of characters in a deck, which not only may dictate one’s future, but also good choices for a tattoo.

Tarot card inspired tattoo conveys almost all meanings of life, death, and love experiencing the past, present, and the future. The tattoo meaning depends on what design one picked out from deck of characters. Just like the principles of this art of foresight, the interpretation of the picked card depends entirely on your skill on reading one’s mind and gesture and connecting all the dots of one’s life.

Here are the 30 Magical Tarot Card Tattoo Designs to get you inspired by!

30Hanging Man Forearm Tattoo

Hanging Man Forearm Tattoo

Image Credit: Pause Cafein