30 Intricate Shading Tattoo Designs


Most artists say that in order to create life from art, one must cast light on it. Casting of light into a simple art somehow shows depth and dimensions one cannot normally see when there was no light.

Depth and dimension are magically revealed by the shadows within the art. The placement of shadows greatly depends on the angle of the light source. The best artists out there, including in the world of tattoos, know how to manipulate this light source to cast shadows into their masterpieces thereby creating life into the subjects they ink into human skin. May it be monochromatic or splashed with color, the casting of shadows and the changing of hues make tattoos look awesome and more realistic.

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Check out these shading tattoo examples that were gathered from the World Wide Web. These are just a few of the samples out there that emphasizes the importance of shading into making of lifelike tattoo designs both for men and women.

Here are the 30 Intricate Shading Tattoo Designs for everyone! Moreover, we have another collection that will surely inspire you! Visit the 38 Incredible Black And Grey Inked Tattoo Designs.

29Shaded Musical Note Chest Tattoo

Shaded Musical Note Chest Tattoo

Image Credit: Pinterest