30 Incredible Spine Tattoos For Men


One of the most famous reasons why some people choose not try having a tattoo is the exposure to pain. Yes, this is not a fallacy, getting a tattoo means getting stabbed by a decent-sized needle a few hundred times. What’s worse than the pain is the even more pain when you choose to ink your art in an area with less fat where the needle kisses the bones.

With that in mind, it is no wonder that spine tattoos are considered to belong to the most extremes. Most tattoo enthusiasts don’t just decide at whim having one. The reason for this is that the spine area where the tattoo would run is just above the very sensitive backbone.

Even with the imminent pain, this tattoo venue is surprisingly popular among the ladies especially to those who love to bare their backs. A lot of designs for spines lean toward sexiness and sensuality.

However, there are also a respectable number of men out there who are proud of their spine tattoos. With them are designs that connote the words macho, quirky, and radical. For all macho men out there who want to savor the worth-it pain of having a spine tattoo, here are some inspiring designs you may consider.

Below are the 30 Incredible Spine Tattoos For Men:

301. Circles Spine Tattoo

Circles Spine Tattoo
Image Credit: Tattoo Journal